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Welcome to my New Home.  I hope you enjoy your stay.

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The images in this site are link ware.  The concept of "Link ware" is if you use any of these designs or photos, you must place a link back to my index page via a banner on the same page you use the images on. There is a Banner Page that has many for you to choose from.   You must also email me including your site address.  These are the only two things I ask in return for the use of my artwork or photographs.  You are licensed to use any of them in the development of a commercial or personal web site without charge.  They may not be put in online image collections (such as this site) or distributed on any form of media (such as CDs, floppy disks, magazines or books)  without my express written permission.  They may not be altered in any way.

Thank you for your time.  Stay as long as you like.

M. Lynne
MC Designs

As of 9/19/99
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God gave me this beautiful gift , a loving & caring husband and two beautiful children.  My life is complete. This is my gift to the world.   I dedicate this site to those who are closest to me.